Department of Electronics


Advancement in Electronics technology made impact on almost every field including Computer Science in late seventies and hence study of electronics as a discipline became essential. At the same time, introduction of television in India made new revolution in electronics industry. The electronics subject was introduced in the curriculum as an applied optional subject in the academic year 1982-83. It is attached to the department of Physics. Since its inception, the department has earned reputation, as it has attracted large number of students .The good strength and interest of student in the subject encouraged us to start Post Graduate course in Physics with Electronics specialization , in the year 1989-90. It is a self financing course.

In the academic year 2010-11, the Electronics Department has been bifurcated from the Physics Department.



Facilities Available

Well equipped laboratories with various instruments

Important instruments like C.R.O., AF/RF generators, Adsorption Instrument ,Fiber Optical Bench, Microwave bench X-Band, Ultrasonic generators , I.C Tester ,Lux meter are available .

Lecturer Series

Department is organizing every year Late Dr. K. Rammohanrao Memorial Lecture series in memory of our beloved Teacher.

Orkshop Organized in near past

A Training Programme on Maintenance of Laboratory and Electronic Instruments was organized by the department in collaboration with WRIC, Mumbai.