Under Graduate Courses


Compulsory Subjects for Ist and II nd Year B.Sc. Course.

a) English Compulsory

b) One Second Language from among the following Languages:

     1) Marathi 2) Hindi 3) Urdu 4) Sanskrit

c) Following subjects are offered as optionals (Three optionals)

1. Basic Sciences

       i) Chemistry ii) Botany iii) Zoology iv) Physics v) Mathematics

2. Applied Sciences

  1. Computer Science (Non-Grant)
  2. Geology
  3. Agrochemicals and Fertilizers
  4. Agricultural Microbiology
  5. Microbiology (Non-Grant)
  6. Electronics
  7. Statistics
  8. Fishery Science
  9. Analytical Chemistry

3. Integrated Courses (UG) (Non-Grant)

     i) B.Sc. Biotechnology