N.E.S. Science College is one of the premier institutions imparting quality education to the students of this region since last 50 years. The college has proliferated it's academic facilities in view of growing needs of higher education. The institution has been on the forefront in pursuit of academic excellence and good governance

History :Introduction

Even after India's freedom in 1947, the region of Marathwada remained under the tyrant dictatorship of Nizam, the then ruler of Hyderabad State which included Marathwada, some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka States. The Hyderabad State was freed from the dictatorship of Nizam and subsequently accessed to India in 1948. The accession preceded a great peoples movement for the liberation of Hyderabad State and its constituents. Poojya Swami Ramanand Teerth was a great visionary leader of this freedom movement and an architect of the accession. The unity and integrity of India was his cherished dream. Swamiji envisioned education as an effective tool for the development of highly backward region of Marathwada.

As per his noble vision, Swamiji along with other freedom fighters founded Nanded Education Society, Nanded for catalyzing educational revolution in this backward region.

As a right step towards fulfillment of the mission, Swamiji established Nanded Education Society's People's College Nanded in 1950 as a pioneer institute to impart education to then underprivileged and downtrodden people of this region. His objectives in establishing Nanded Education Society was to start and take over the educational institutions and to supplement educational endeavour of the Maharashtra State by imparting an effective primary, secondary, technical and university education. Swamiji emphasized the incorporation of spirit of enlightened and responsible citizenship in youth essential for secular democratic India.

Realizing the significance of teaching in the process of education and the role of teachers in transformation of students into responsible citizens, Swamiji insisted to give due representation to the teachers in the management of Nanded Education Society for good governance. He was well ahead of his times in revolutionizing the process of education by sensing the role of teachers in the management of educational institutions.

Visualizing the future and the need of Science education in India, a separate science faculty was started in June 1951 by the society. Sensing the importance of science education in near future, the founders bifurcated People's College, Nanded and established a separate college for science education in June 1963 as N.E.S. Science College, Nanded.

Consequent upon the liberation of Hyderabad State, the basic urge was to develop and expand educational horizons in this region. Poojya Swami Ramanand Teerth and his colleagues made an appeal to the people of this region for raising of funds. And with the help of several helping hands, he bought about 50 acres of land and raised the funds to develop the basic infrastructure. In course of time, many people joined his mission willingly and contributed for the development of the infrastructure of the Nanded Education Society. It is a matter of pride to mention that dedicated and committed faculty and students of this college physically shaped the infrastructure. Subsequently, the infrastructure was proliferated with the contribution of Municipal Council of Nanded by donating 35 acres of land to Nanded Education Society. This college has about 45 acres of land for its campus and infrastructure. The infrastructure of this college was expanded from time to time with the help of UGC grants and contribution of staff, philanthropists, State Government and other funding agencies.