Highlights of Institution


NES Science College covers above 45 acres of land out of 84 acres of NES Nanded. The college has well built classrooms, laboratories, administrative blocks, auditorium, play ground, canteen, hobby workshop, Glass Blowing unit, ladies room, library lush green garden and open-air theater.


The faculty of the college is committed, creative, competent and with an innate passion to inculcate sense of responsibility and moral ethics in learners. Institution is at the forefront of carrying out need-based research. The college is always poised to offer contemporary education to the learners.


The college is serving the region and country generating manpower in the field of Science and Technology. The College had initially five courses, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics. Now the college has Ten additional courses at B.Sc., Electronics; Agrochemicals and Fertilizers, Fisheries, Agricultural Microbiology, Geology, Statistics, Microbiology, Computer Science, Analytical Chemistry, Biotechnology. Since 1970 the college started Post-graduate course in Botany and Mathematics and from 1989 in Physics/Electronics, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, M. Sc. Computer, and Zoology have been added to P.G. non-grant courses. All the Departments in the college are having facilities for research leading to Ph. D. Degree. Microbiology vocational course at B.Sc. has been introduced from 1999. The institution has started B.Sc. Computer in 1996-97 and M.Sc.(Computer) in 2003-04. B.Sc.(Biotech) integrated course is introduced from 2005-2006 and BCA is introduced from 2007-2008 on non-grant basis. M. Sc. Biotechnology introduced from 2010.

The College has always been at the forefront in attracting grants from the University Grants Commission and other organizations. College has developed laboratories, Library and hobby workshop, photography, and Glass blowing unit, Computer etc. with assistance from U.G.C. The College was the first to receive a grant of Rs. 5,00,000 for the course in Agrochemicals and Fertilizers. The results of University examination have always been excellent. The College has received a grant of Rs. 9 Lakh for introduction of vocational course in "Industrial Microbiology" from U.G.C. UGC has also sanctioned Rs. 80 Lakhs for construction of women's Hostel under special grant of X Plan. Instrumentation maintenance facility is also provided by U.G.C. with a grant of Rs. 5,50,000/-. UGC have also selected the college for an innovative P.G. Diploma in the Dept. of Geology with a grant of Rs. 36.5 lacs for five years.

Besides this the College has ties with Indira Gandhi Open University and professional courses like MBA, MCA and MBF are initiated from June 2008.


The college has established the career guidance cell for the professional up gradation of learners by conducting lectures and seminars on various avenues of professionalism and personality development. Concerted efforts are made to enhance skill and competence of learners to keep pace with current competitive world. Placement services are being organized by various companies.

*Placement services : Through campus interview :

There is a great demand of science graduates and postgraduates in industries such as Information Technology, Computer industry, out sourcing, business, pharma industries, and Chemical industries.

Looking into the needs of these industries the companies are approaching to our college for picking up brilliant and talented students through campus interviews. The campus interview is organized for B.Sc. III year and M.Sc. II year students many times in a year. For the academic year 2006-07 following companies visited this institution to conduct campus interview.

CIPLA, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bharat Forge Ltd., Bharat Aluminium Ltd., and LUPIN, Mumbai, Kirloskar Pune. About 100 candidates are selected in the interviews.

* Coaching classes for entry in services for SC/ST Students:

Our college has been granted a special scheme of U.G.C. under which students of SC/ST categories are given special coaching for appearing various competitive examinations organized by state and Central Government.

Besides coaching of students various other facilities like books. NoteS and other relevant study material is provided free of cost to all these students. Number of students are taking advantage of this scheme.

* Remedial coaching scheme for SC/ST students:

Under the provisions of University Grants Commission, New Delhi a special remedial coaching programme for SC/ST students is being run in the College. They are given extra coaching to improve their academic efficiency other than the regular classes. Books, notes and other relevant study material is provided to these students under this scheme.

V) Student's welfare fund/Earn-Learn Scheme

Our College has established Student's Welfare Fund for economically poor and meritorious students. The teaching and non-teaching staff of our College voluntarily contribute to this fund in the form of monthly subscription. The Principal forms a Committee of teaching and non-teaching staff. This Committee identifies the students who are extraordinarily meritorious but financially poor. Such students are given aids in the form of Books /Uniform/Hostel Facility /Examination fees etc. Special coaching for SC/ST students for competitive examinations. The college also provides a special guidance facility to the SC/ST students for appearing to the various competitive examinations with the help of UGC.

The earn-while Learn Scheme has been added to help the poor but deserving students.

VI) Seminars, conferences and Workshop

The institute provides ideal forum for conducting seminars, conferences, workshop and other deliberations of social relevance to update and upgrade faculty and learners. In this context Regional, National and International Conferences are being organized.

VII) Research ambiences

The college is a recognized center in Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Environmental science, Mathematics, Physics and Electronics. Research contributions by faculty of this college are of high academic standard, keeping abreast with time and stressing the needs of region. The faculty of this college has established rapprorting with national and International institutes of high repute. The research activities carried out have interdisciplinary significance.

The college has organized Workshops. Seminars, and Conference of National and International levels providing an ideal forum for the interaction of academic community in different fields. The faculty of this college are consistently encouraged to participate in Seminars, Conferences, Symposia and other deliberations of social and scientific relevance to upgrade and update academic ambience. Presently, in this institution, 52 research students are carrying out research leading to Ph.D. degree in various disciplines.

VIII) Consultancy services and linkages

The college aims at serving the society and spreading scientific culture to the students. Institute provides the consultancy to the Government organizations, NGO's and public at large, specially in fields like plant pathology, plant taxonomy, groundwater prospecting, engineering projects, identification of local flora and fauna.

Some of the faculty members have established academic linkages, for research with the Universities/Institutions at national and international levels in the pursuit of academic excellence. The college offers scientific consultancy service to the community and other agencies of the region. Dept. of Geology has signed an MOU with SRTM University, Nanded for academic and research activities.

IX) Alumni

The college has a wide network of alumni in diversified fields such as academicians, Bureaucrats, scientists, pleaders, Doctors, Engineers, etc. at national and international level. It is contemplated to form alumni association for getting academic feedback to enhance quality of education and good governance. The alumni from various corners of the world working form different spheres have expressed a deep sense of gratitude regarding the academic proliferation of this institution; therefore every outgoing students can enroll as alumnus by paying the requisite fees. The College has designed a draft plan and strategic planning of alumni association.

X) Swami Ramanand Teerth Debating Competition

In memory of founder of Nanded Education, society and veteran freedom fighter, Poojya Swami Ramanand Teerth, College has started an intercollegiate debating competition since 1972, encompassing various issues of scientific and social relevance.

This activity aims a humanizing education to instill the comprehension of contemporary issues and to foster leadership qualities. It also enhances the communicative skill and expressive ability of participants. This is a popular debating competition of the region and large number of colleges of the region participate regularly.

XI) National Service Scheme

The national service scheme has been introduced in this college since its inception by the Government of India in 1969-70. N.S.S. Unit organizes regular programs for the welfare of an individual and welfare of society as a whole. A special camp of 10 days duration is organized in nearby village on special themes as per the recommendation of Government of India every year. NSS wing of this institution is right on the way of infusing national integrity in student. N.S.S. wing of this college puts all- round efforts for the development of personality of the youth through Community Services and committed to serve the society at large. The NSS wing of this College has contributed in Boll donation, and got a special recognition for the outstanding service rendered. This College is recipient of one of the best programme officer and NSS unit award for the year 2004-05 by Govt. of Maharashtra in the whole state.

XII) National Cadet Corps

The NCC wing of our College has enrollment of 52 cadets. Since last year College has started enrollment of girl students. About 6 girls students have been enrolled last year and it is proposed to increase the numbers. The NCC wing is concerned with preparation of students for certificate examination, annual camps, and social services like tree plantation, blood donations etc. The students are also motivated to join defense service Shri. Vivek Joshi of this college has passed NDA Examination and joined Air Force wing. NCC wing helps the district administration in maintenance of law and order from time to time.


The students of XI and XII aspirant for CET examination of Govt. of Maharashtra for admission for Engineering and Medical are provided with special guidance for two years for better performance in CET examinations.

XIV) Academic Guardianship and Counseling

Every faculty is assigned academic guardianship of about 10 students. Under this venture, the faculty takes personal care about the overall development of Learners stressing the current needs. College also provides facility for remedial teaching under UGC scheme for B.Sc. Students. A special grant has been sanctioned for this scheme under XI Plan.

XV) Extension work

Nanded Education Society's Science College is situated in economically, industrially and educationally backward area. As a single faculty Science College with senior most faculty, we consider it our responsibility to update standard of education in the school and also to render expertise to other colleges, farmers and to entrepreneurs and those who need it. For this purpose a service cell has been setup in the college in collaboration with Swami Ramanand Teerth Research Institute. The college provides teaching aids with assistance from University grant Commission, New Delhi under extension activities to other colleges, schools for Seminars, Exhibitions. Popular lectures are also arranged to benefit the learners. The college provides remedial coaching to the weaker sections of students to enhance their learning capabilities.

The college is at the forefront of providing academic leadership to Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded on various fronts. A wide ranging extension work of high social value is carried out by the NSS unit of college.

XVI) IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell)

College has set-up IQAC as per the directives of NAAC to monitor the Quality enhancement of the institution under the chairmanship of principal. The IQAC will make all- round efforts to sustain and enhance the Quality of higher education for good governance and excellence.

XVII) Library

  1. The college has a well equipped and fully computerized Library with a rich and latest collection of books including- Text, Subject references, Language books, books on Personality Development, General Books, References Sources and Prestigious Journals in the subjects taught in the College. Services offered to the readers in the Library are for the convenience to all users. In the field of Science, College library is one the best source of knowledge for the students. Total books collection of the library is 30000. Besides there are 1952 back volumes subject journals for the use of users. College library subscribed for 53 research journals and 26 common magazines and 21 daily new papers Arrangements have been made to provide adequate library and reading room facilities for the students. The college permits free access to researchers for references work.
  2. Library remains open from 7.30 AM to 5 PM on all working days, and library working hours are extended up to 10PM especially prior to examinations and as per the demands of the students.
  3. The Library has Question bank and courseware facility for students in all subjects.
  4. The library has three independent terminals of computer for the use of students and faculty to locate desired books from the library.
  5. Book-bank facility is provided for the needy and meritorious students. In addition to this, students are provided 3-books on their card every week.
  6. Separate reading room along with reading materials is available for use of students.
  7. The library has a photo copying unit, TV set, CD's on science topics. Photo copying facilities are provided to the students and other library users at the nominal charges. Audio aids are also made available to students to enhance the learning capabilities along with periodicals and research journals.
  8. All the Post Graduate departments have departmental library, where commonly used books in the subject are kept for the PG students.
  9. Research candidates and PG students have a free access to the library especially to facilitate easy referencing of research periodicals and back-volumes.
  10. In addition to above, to enrich the facilities, we have planed for well equipped seminar hall with all modern facilities such as, LCD projector, Audio-video equipment's CD's on various science subjects etc.
  11. A student can enroll as a member of library by submitting (1). Receipt of library deposit and library fee (2) Identity card duly completed with principals signature on being enrolled as a member of the library, the students will be given a borrowers ticket.
  12. College provides books to poor and meritorious students under SAF.

XVII) Sponsored Prizes At HSC, UG and PG levels

  1. Late Madhavraoji Lavekar Memorial Prize is given to the candidate standing first in college in Biology group at XII.
  2. Late Dr. Prakash Adwant Memorial Prize is given to the candidate standing first in the college at XII.
  3. Late Dr. Prakash Adwant Memorial Biology Prize is given to the candidate who scores highest marks in Biology subject in the college at XII.
  4. Late Radhabai Bichewar Memorial Prize is given to the candidate securing highest marks in Mathematics in the college at XII.
  5. Late Janaki Narhar Kulkarni memorial Prize is given to the candidate standing first in Sanskrit in the college at XII.
  6. Late Laxmanraoji Deshpande Siranjanikar Memorial Prize is given to the candidate getting highest marks among girls in the college at XII.
  7. Late Raghunathraoji Sahastrabuddhe Memorial Prize. is given to the candidate scoring highest at B.Sc. Marks in Electronics.
  8. Late Narharro Mairalrao Penoorkar Memorial Prize is given to the candidates scoring highest marks in PG subject.
  9. Late Smt. Sunderabai K. Darwhekar Memorial Prize is given to the candidate scoring highest marks among the girls in the college at XII.
  10. Late Krishnarao Darwhekar Memorial Prize for  a candidate scoring highest marks from among boys in the college at XII.
  11. Late Bhagwanraoji Ganjwe Memorial Prize is given to the candidate scoring highest marks at graduation level.
  12. Late Gyanobarao Jampalkar Memorial Prize is given to the candidate scoring highest marks in Physics in the college at XII.
  13. Late Abhijit Lathkar Memorial Prize is given to the candidate scoring maximum marks in Fisheries at XI in the college.
  14. Late Shriniwasrao Bendarkar Memorial Prize is given to the candidate scoring highest marks in Sanskrit at XII.
  15. Late Godavari nagnathrao Choudekar Memorial Prize is given to the candidate who scores highest marks in MH-CET among OBC candidates of the college.
  16. Late Dattatraya Ramchhappa Ratnakar Memrial Prize is given to the candidate who gets maximum marks in MH-CET in the college.
  17. Late Shivajirao Hariharrao Choudhari Memorial Prize is given to the candidate getting maximum marks in English at XII in the college is given this prize.
  18. Late Aiyengar sport prize is given to the outstanding sports student form the college.