President's Desk


Nanded Education Society Nanded is one of the premier institute in the State with legacy of social commitment. The institute founded by Great visionary and leader of Marathwada Mukti Sangram Poojya Swami Ramanand Teerth in 1950. Science college Nanded is one of the single faculty college run by Nanded Education Society Nanded". The college is a trailblazer in higher education among students, researchers and alumni. It has a huge influence on the ethos of the society. The college is committed to instilling a sense of national character in our students through education.The goal is to broaden the scope of knowledge and abilities while keeping in mind the changing dynamics of social life on a national and global scale. The excellent academic programs and activities; and all of our fascinating students, faculty, and staff that make our College a great place to study, learn and develop into great and successful people.

The College has an exciting campus with all the amenities at par with leading institution in the country enabling the students to learn and develop professionally and personally. The college offers unique and variety of Science Subjects and special programs that prepare students for successful careers in society. We accomplish many of our specific major programme goals thanks to the joint efforts of teachers, staff, alumni, and definitely support of students and parents and friends.

Dr. Venkatesh R. Kabde
Nanded Education Society, Nanded